energy storage systems

The affordable and eco-friendly way to modernise your home

If you’re confused about which energy storage system is right for your home, or if you wonder whether it’s too late to take advantage of the cost saving benefits linked to making your home eco-friendly, don’t worry it’s not – but only if you know which energy storage system is right for your home and lifestyle.

If you want to understand how to take advantage of this new energy storage technology and not only reduce your carbon footprint but save on your energy bills, then a consultation with one of our qualified engineers is just the right thing for you.

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Why energy storage?

The advancements in modern battery technology have seen a boom in households taking on the energy storage system investment.

Efficient energy Plug and play setup Solar + storage Time-of-use tariffs

Efficient energy

Home battery solutions have become so efficient that they are now able to power homes for longer periods of time. When coupled with smarter energy usage, households can see significant decreases in both energy bills and their overall carbon footprint.

Plug and play setup

As energy storage is one of the least labour intensive forms of carbon-reducing activities you can do for your home. Installing and setting up an energy storage solution requires little maintenance and once installed can be forgotten about.

Solar + storage

Better yet, if you’re one of the thousands of UK residents who have a solar energy system installed, investing in energy storage means you can store unused energy instead of selling it back to the national grid – resulting in even lower energy bills.

Time-of-use tariffs

Even if you don’t have solar panels installed, you can still reap the benefits of an energy storage system with time-of-use tariffs (like Economy 7 or Economy 10). These energy tariffs will allow you to charge up your battery during off-peak hours (e.g. the early hours of the morning) so you can use the stored energy at peak times.

In addition, some energy providers are now paying energy storage owners to use their storage in an attempt to ‘balance the national grid’ during peak times, which is just another way your energy storage investment can make you money.

How does it work?

Depending on your home setup, energy storage can work for you in a few ways.

Homes with solar PV systems installed

If your home has solar panels installed, you can store any unused energy you harvest instead of selling it back to the national grid at a reduced rate. You can then use your stored energy at the times of the day when your solar system isn’t generating energy (e.g the evening).

In most scenarios, being able to store and use all the energy you harvest will save you significantly more money than selling your unused energy back to the national grid.

Finally, switching to a time-of-use energy tariff means you can save even more money by allowing your battery to charge in off-peak hours (early hours of the morning) to then be used when you need it.

Homes with solar PV systems, energy storage AND time-of-use energy tariffs are the very definition of energy-saving monsters.

Homes without solar PV systems installed.

If you don’t have a solar PV system installed, you can still reap the benefits of installing an energy storage system for your home.

Time-of-use energy tariffs are continuing to be rolled out from the major energy suppliers. You may already be familiar with Economy 7 or Economy 10.

Time-of-use energy tariffs are designed to charge more for energy at different times of the day based on national demand. Peak times are usually early evenings and weekends (when you’re not at work), and energy usage at these times will be more expensive. Off-peak energy rates, such as the early hours of the morning, are considerably cheaper.

By pairing a time-of-use tariff with a smart energy storage system, your home can effectively charge its battery in the cheaper off-peak hours and use the energy stored to power the house during the more expensive times of the day.

Whatever your current home energy setup is, when purchasing an energy storage package with us our engineer will assess your home and configure your new system to be the most cost-effective for your home.


We can supply a number of different storage systems from a number of different suppliers. If the system you are interested in is not shown below, simply give us a call and we can assist you in your search.

Varta Pulse

1.8/1.6 kW

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Varta Element


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Tesla Powerwall

3.68 / 5 kW

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Which battery size is right for me?

There are a few variables to take into consideration when choosing the size of energy storage you need.

E.g If your home is a high energy use household which is looking for an energy storage system which can power the home during peak times in the evening, you may need to invest in a larger energy storage system (6 to 7 kW).

Understanding your overall energy usage is very important in determining how much storage you need. If you’re struggling to find an energy storage system which is right for your needs, our engineers are more than happy to assist you in making the right choice.

Things to take into consideration:

The size of your home.
How much energy you use.
At what points during the day are your busiest energy usage times.
How much energy you would like to store.
Your budget.
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How much can I save?

Home energy storage systems should be considered a long term investment which will pay for itself over a number of years.

The rate at which you see a return from your energy storage investment will be dependent on your overall energy usage, the energy supplier you’re with, and whether you have solar energy already installed.

As everyone’s energy usage will be different, it’s hard for us to give a realistic number as to how much money you can save. However, our qualified engineers are on hand to help you punch the numbers and calculate how much money you could be saving.

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Who is energy storage for?

We feel that every household in the UK is suited to take advantage of energy storage solutions, but we understand that the initial investment can be daunting at first.

We always recommend that you do your calculations and make sure that you’re not making an impulse decision. Remember, energy storage systems are long term investments, and it will take time before the initial investment pays for itself.

Already have solar panels installed and are not benefiting from a generous government buy-back tariff, or thinking of having solar panels installed.
Are looking to reduce your homes carbon footprint and have more energy independence.
Are interested in gaining significant future savings by pairing a time-of-use tariff with an energy storage system.
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